Sewing Machine Overview | Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

Sewing Machine Overview | Day 4 of 30 Day Challenge

Hello! My name is Jess and today I’m going to share a complete overview of a sewing machine and my recommendations for purchasing a sewing machine, which will be super helpful for beginners who are just learning how to sew. I know sewing machines can be super overwhelming and many beginners are afraid to try sewing because they “don’t want to mess up” or “do something wrong.” 

Well yes, there may be a proper way to use a sewing machine and basic sewing techniques, but messing up and doing something wrong should be the least of your worries! You aren’t going to learn if you don’t sit down and get comfortable with your machine. Test different stitches, try different fabrics, and practice using your machine!

And remember, be patient with yourself and the machine. You will make mistakes, you will have to use your seam ripper and start again, and that’s okay! It’s all part of the process, and the more you sew, the more it will become second nature.

But, before you begin stitching, open up that user manual that came with your machine, and learn where everything is. If you can’t find your manual, visit the machine manufacturer's website and I almost guarantee they will have a free copy of your manual to download. 

Since each machine is a little different, I wanted this video to be a broad overview. If you have more questions, please comment below and we'll try our best to reply to them, and keep this conversation going.

If there’s one thing I want you to take away from this video, it’s to not feel overwhelmed by sewing! With practice and patience, you’ll be comfortable with your machine before you know it. 


People always ask me which sewing machine I recommend. Honestly, there’s many different options and usually you can get by with just the basics, so you don’t have to invest in an expensive machine to get started. You just have to decide which features you really love and what you need for the types of projects you plan to make. Also, I always recommend thinking long term. If you like sewing, and are going to continue with it as a hobby, spend the extra amount to be happy with your machine and enjoy using it, versus settling for a machine that will give you fits.

I personally sew on a Baby Lock Accomplish, which is a straight stitch only machine - so there are no decorative stitches, no button hole, or even a zig zag stitch. However, this machine is super durable and powerful. It sews through multiple layers like butter, and it’s fast and reliable. It is a mechanical machine, but I don’t need all of the bells and whistles. It’s made from quality metal parts so it’s a heavier machine, but it won’t rattle around like a machine made from cheap, plastic parts. 

In the video above, I featured the Baby Lock Jubilant because it’s a great place to start, and it will last many years and sew lots of projects. But, I’m completely aware that this machine is not in the budget range for all people, so another great machine to start with is the Baby Lock Zest. It is a mechanical machine that has a durable frame with a portable design and 15 built-in stitches. 

I hope you enjoyed this overview and additional tips!

Thanks for reading!

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