DIY Laptop or Tablet Sleeve Tutorial | Days 17-20 of 30 Day Challenge

DIY Laptop or Tablet Sleeve Tutorial | Days 17-20 of 30 Day Challenge

Hello and welcome to Days 17-20 of our 30 Day Learn to Sew Challenge! Today we begin a new project where we'll make a laptop or tablet sleeve using our Leanne pattern. This tutorial has been divided up into four short videos to make the project more manageable. 

The Leanne Laptop and Tablet Sleeve has been designed by Leanne McGiveron, who works in Information Technology during the day, and is a textile artist and photographer the rest of the time. This pattern’s simple construction and minimalist design makes it a great beginner-friendly pattern. The magnetic snap flap closure will keep your laptop secure, but can also be used as a mouse pad when the sleeve is open. There are three sizes included in the pattern, so make sure to follow the cutting instructions and dimensions listed throughout the sewing instructions for the size you’d like to make. 

If you haven’t already, please make sure to purchase this pattern before beginning the tutorial. You can find it HERE on our website, or you can request it at your local quilt shop.

Enjoy the tutorial, and if you have any questions, please comment below!


PART 2: 

PART 3: 


I hope you enjoyed this pattern and if you haven't tuned into the other projects in this series yet, I hope you’ll go back into the series and check them out. You should be very proud for making it this far if you’ve been following along!

We’d love to see your completed project and your progress during this series! Share photos using #sallietomato, #leannelaptopsleeve, and #30daysewingchallenge. 

We do have two more projects left in our 30 day learn to sew challenge. The next projects are going to continue to build upon your skills, and help make you more and more comfortable using your sewing machine, and tackling sewing patterns! I hope to see you then!

30 Day Sewing Challenge Schedule

Follow along each day, or watch the segments that interest you the most. Enjoy!

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