How to Sew a Straight Stitch | Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

How to Sew a Straight Stitch | Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

In this video, I’m going to show you how to sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine. I’m Jess from Sallie Tomato and I’m excited you’re here to learn about sewing! If you're following along with our 30 day challenge, welcome to day 9 of this series. 

The straight stitch is your everyday stitch, and the stitch that you will be using the majority of the time. By now, you should already know a basic overview of your sewing machine, how to thread your machine, how to wind a bobbin, change presser feet and your needle. If you are still unclear on any of those things, I highly recommend watching the previous videos in this series before you actually start sewing. 

If you’re ready, let’s begin!

It can take practice to sew a straight stitch, but the good news is that it’s okay to make mistakes, and when you’re brand new, don’t worry about how straight your stitching is. What matters is that you’re having fun and trying your best!

To get some practice sewing in straight lines, we’ve created a free printable for you to use. Simply sew along the lines, without any thread in your machine, to get a feel for moving the material through the machine, and maintaining a seam allowance. 

Thanks for watching this tutorial! I hope you found it helpful, and that you’ll join for the next video in our 30 Day Learn to Sew Series!

30 Day Sewing Challenge Schedule

Follow along each day, or watch the segments that interest you the most. Enjoy!

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