Pattern Revisions

We try our best to make sure that our patterns are correct and complete. However, sometimes things are missed. Please check here before starting your project for known pattern corrections. If using directional fabric, you may need to purchase extra fabric and pay attention to laying out your fabric.

If you find something additional that needs to be fixed in one of our patterns, please let us know. Thank you!

Create with Cork Book

  • Easy Box Pouch: page 111, if using 25" wide fabric, purchase 1/3 yard (0.31m)
LST100 Puppy Pillow
  • Page 1, step 1: "utensil" refers to "pen or chalk".
  • Page 2, steps 4, 5, and 6: "access" should be "excess".


  • Page 1 Cutting Instructions, Contrast, If using yardage: Cut (2) 2" by with of fabric for Ties


  • Page 5 Figure 33 is supposed to be labeled Figure 35.


  • Removed "Light Interfacing" from Premade Base Label "Base".
  • Back Cover: Lightweight Fusible Woven Interfacing (19" wide) - 1-1/4 yards
  • Figure C - would only have three strips cut from the parallelogram shape.
  • FUSIBLE WOVEN INTERFACING:  add: Cut (4) Pattern Piece Side Panel
  • HEAVY STABILIZER: add: Cut (1) Pattern Piece Handle Stabilizer A


    • Need 3/4 yard of Interfacing.
    • If your Main or Contrast fabric is less than 27" wide, purchase 3/4 yard.


      • For the lock hack, center the washer either 1-5/8" for a looser fit, or 1-3/8" for a tighter fit wallet.
      • Back cover: if 25" wide fabric - use [1/3 yard]


      • © 2019 Version
        • Follow all written instructions for sizes
        • Page 1, under PREPARING THE FABRIC:
          Fuse Interfacing Base pieces to WS of coordinating Exterior and Lining Base pieces.
      • © 2020 Version
        • (paper pattern only) - on page 11, the printed labels for Townsend Lining Train Case Back Panel and Townsend Contrast Train Case Back Panel should read: Cut (1) 10" by 4-1/2"

        LST120 LUCI

        • Need 14" of Contrast.

        LST121 Myrna

        • Page 1, under PREPARE THE FABRIC: 1. Center and fuse interfacing to the WS....

        LST125 CONNIE

        • Foam Cutting Instructions: Cut (2) 3" by 20" [2" by 16"] pieces for Zipper Gusset.

        • Mesh Cutting Instructions: Cut (1) 13" by 11" [11" by 9"] piece for Lining Pocket.
        • Page 5 Make & Attach Mesh Side Pockets. Steps 5-9 are mislabeled. Should be 2-6.
        • Watch our tutorial on YouTube to help make the Gusset if using directional fabric

        LST128 GINGER

        • On the premade labels it should say Cut (3) 1 1/2" by 20" pieces of Interfacing for the Strap.

        LST129 MASON

        • Under cutting instructions on page one, Cut out all paper pattern pieces, found on pages 4-5, along the solid lines.

        LST131 CHARADE

        • Need of Heavy Weight Stabilizer for Base Support. 

        • Label for strap interfacing should say (3) 2" by 20" pieces

        LST132 MOLLY

        • Label says Foam, not Contrast.

        • Contrast Cutting Instructions: Cut (4) 1" by 15" pieces. The label was wrong.  

        • Label needed for Interfacing 
        • Cut (2) 7-1/2” by 4” pieces for Side Top Facing- written directions are correct

        LST133 FERRIS

        • Main Fabric and Fleece Cutting Instructions: LARGE: Cut (1) 10” by 2” piece for Panel B.
        • Added 3/8" to right side of pattern LARGE Panel D on page 8.
        • If you are following the Ferris pattern copyrighted 2020, please refer to our Pattern Revisions page for additional notes.
        • If you received the Ferris pattern copyrighted 2024, please follow all the instructions and use the pattern pieces in the ©2024 pattern download.

          LST134 SHAW

          • Large Main Fabric Cutting Instructions: Cut (4) 1-1/4” by 2” pieces for Zipper Tabs
          • Page 6, under ASSEMBLE BACKPACK:
            • step 2: ....Sew together with 3/8" seam allowance.
            • step 4: the top of your bag with 3/8" seam allowance....increase your seam allowance to 5/8" as you reach....decrease your seam allowance back to 3/8" wide.
            • steps 6 & 7: Sew together with 3/8" seam allowance.

            LST136 ANNA

            • Back of cover interfacing listed wrong amount. Corrected to 19" wide by 1-3/4 yard or 42" wide by 7/8 yard.

              LST140 LITE CORK CARRY ALONG

              • Page 1 Make & Attach Scrap Connector. Step 2. The Strap Connector piece should now measure 3/4” wide and 2” long.

              LST141 Dorothy

              • Page 1, under ATTACH BOTTOM PANEL, step 1: (an alternate label placement) Install a handmade label, centered, 1" below the top straight edge of one Exterior Bottom Panel.
              • Page 2, under ATTACH SLIP POCKET, step 1. With RSU, center.....

                LST143 Gwen (Circle) Bag

                • 1/2" Test square added to the "Circle Bag" pattern on page 2.

                  LST149 BETTE

                  • Page 5 Assemble the Flap: Step 2...Sew together with 1/4" seam allowance.

                  • Page 5 Assemble the Bag: Step 2...Sew together with 3/4" seam allowance. Trim seam to 1/4" wide.
                  • Page 6 Assemble the Bag: Step 7... and align the raw edges, with elastic nearest to the base...

                  LST152 LAUREN

                  • Please refer to the pattern (page 3, SHAPE SIDE GUSSETS, step 1) for the correct measurement mentioned at 6:50 in the video tutorial.

                    LST154 SACHI

                    • Cut (1) 10” by 9” piece for Piece J (Zipper Pocket).
                    • Cut (1) 10” by 9-3/4” piece for Piece K (Zipper Pocket).
                    • page 2, step 1 of PREPARE FRONT: ...magnetic snap, centered 2-1/4" down...

                    LST157 FREE SOUL

                    • Under materials and supplies, you will need 1 magnetic bar snap-earlier patterns may have omitted this.
                    • Figure 27 updated to show RS of lining.
                    • ASSEMBLE THE BAG headline updated.

                    LST164 EVELYN

                    • One pattern piece A, main panel, you should only cut one of main fabric on fold, and one interfacing on fold. (Not two as pattern piece says).
                    • Cutting Instructions Piece E tip should read: Do not cut if using a metal zipper end
                    • Cutting Instructions Piece J should read: Only cut if using grommet strap connectors: Cut (2) 1-1/2” by 14” for Piece J (Handles)
                    • Page 4: Step 8 (in the right column) should read: ....remaining Piece H RSD.

                    LST163 KATYE

                    • MATERIALS & SUPPLIES: Contrast 2: 25" wide by 21"
                    • CUTTING LAYOUTS: Contrast 2: Missing two Piece P Straps on layout.

                      LST169 CARLY

                      • You will need a piece of clear vinyl 3" x 4"

                      • Main Fabric - Cut (2) 2" by 18” for Piece A (Strap)

                      • INSTALL ZIPPER & ID POCKET: After making the appropriate markings, Please cut out "zipper slot" and "ID window" appropriately.  So you would need to cut the rectangle you have marked for each the zipper and the ID pocket

                      LST170 JUNE

                      • Under CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS; INTERFACING: Cut (2) 1-1/4′′ by 14′′ for Piece I (Zipper Pocket Gusset)

                      LST172 SOPHIE

                      • Under Attach Card Pockets  Step 2 Piece C centered 4-3/4" down from Flap edge of Piece A
                      • © 2024 Version
                        • Instructions following ATTACH CARD POCKETS:
                          • ASSEMBLE CELL CASE - 1. With WST, fold bottom edge of Piece A up 7" (17.8cm), aligning and securing side edges with sewing clips. Topstitch both sides 1/8" (3mm) from raw edges.

                      LST173 ISLA

                      • Materials & Supplies: you'll need 4-1/2 yards of 1-1/2" wide Cotton Webbing for the handles and adjustable strap.
                      • Page 4, step 6 in the italic note: piece G should be Piece D

                        LST184 HEIDI

                        • Main Fabric - Cut (1) 1/2" by 1-3/4" for Piece D (Strap Connector)

                          LST190 MONROE

                          • Figure 4 has been updated - illustration of pocket should be rotated 180° (red stitching would be at the top, bottom, and right-hand edges of the illustrated pocket piece)

                          LST192 ANDIE

                          • Optional: Cut (1) 1/4" by 9-1/4" for Piece E (Connector)\

                          LST193 AVA

                          • HARDWARE REQUIRED: Ava Hardware Kit (kit includes (1) 1-1/4" belt buckle, (1) 1" screw-together grommet, (2) 1-1/2" rectangle rings, and (2) 1-1/2" slider buckles, (1) O-ring
                          • Added "FOLD" note to Pattern Piece N on page 9.

                          LST194 DEBBY

                          • Piece D cutting instruction: 4" by 12".
                          • OR Cut 2" by 12" for heavier and non-fraying fabrics (such as Cork) and then follow only t he first sentence of step 1, on page 2, under Add a Wrist Strap.

                          LST198 Nicholas

                          • Interfacing - 1-1/2 yard need for large size.
                          • Cutting Layouts added.

                          LST203 CROCKETT

                          • Page 3, ASSEMBLE FRONT PLEAT POCKET, step 5: On WS, top edge of Piece D, mark 3" and ... 
                          • Page 3, under Prepare Zipper Pocket Facing, step 1:
                            Mark a vertical line 1-1/4" in from the right short end and 3/4" in from the left short end.
                          • Page 6, step 2: If your lining zipper is left-hand opening, remember to orient your zipper gusset for left-hand opening. (Opposite the gusset in Figure 43)

                          LST222 SECRET GARDEN

                          • Step 2 under ATTACH LEAVES should read: 2. Arrange remaining seven ....
                            LST225 WATCH PARTY
                            • Typo on page 3 of LST225 Watch Party, under the Cuff, SHAPE & ATTACH INTERFACING, step 1:...SHAPE CUFF & CONNECTOR TABS...
                            LST228 TOTO
                            • (For Paper Pattern) Under FUSE INTERFACING TO COORDINATING PIECES
                              • 1. .... Fabric Piece A Collar, with 1" on each end ....
                              • 2. Join both Piece B by placing the short ends RST, perpendicular to each other. Sew a diagonal seam from corner to corner. Trim excess seam allowance to 1/4" wide. Press seam open.
                              • 3. Center and fuse Interfacing Piece B Leash to the WS of Main Fabric Piece B Leash, with 2-1/4" on each end with no interfacing. If using multiple pieces, position and fuse the first piece, then overlap the next piece 1/4" and fuse in place. (Figure 2)

                                LST230  REBECCA

                                • There is an error in the CONTRAST Cutting Instructions. Piece E Vertical Borders should measure 1/2” wide by 9” high. 

                                LST232 PHLOX

                                • Page 2 under ADD EXTERIOR ZIPPER POCKET, step 9: 'Piece X' should be Piece N

                                LST237 FOGG

                                • Main Fabric needed: 19" or 5/8" yard

                                  LST238 JOANNA

                                  • On page 1, under CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS: INTERFACING: Cut (2) ...Piece N
                                  • On page 6, in the CUTTING LAYOUTS: Interfacing: added a second Piece E.

                                  LST239 EMMA

                                  • Make Pattern Piece F wider by drawing a line parallel and 3/8" from the long angled edge (opposite the FOLD line).

                                  LST240 SLOANE

                                  • Figure 4 should show the WS of Lining, not RS.
                                  • Page 3: Step 2 under ASSEMBLE EXTERIOR TOTE: ....Topstitch on RS of Piece E, 1/8" from seam, starting and .....
                                  • Please follow the illustration for step 5 of placement of the handles under prepare and shape exterior
                                  • Figure 35 thru 37 were mislabeled. Correction has been made.
                                  • Added 1/2" square to page 6 for confirming printout is correct size.

                                  LST243 VINNY

                                  • Please follow the illustration for step 5 of placement of the handles under prepare and shape exterior.

                                  LST247 Stewart

                                  • For 28" Sew-in-Foam - Cut 2 of piece A with their longest edges parallel to the 18" [22-1/2"] edges of Foam.
                                  • CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS: HEAVY STABILIZER: Cut (1)......for Piece I (Base)

                                    LST251 MUFFY

                                    • In the pattern text--the first step 2. should read On WS top 15"  (or short) edge of Main Piece A...the figures are correct.
                                    • Back of pattern calls for 12" of lining, should be 13"-if you purchased 12" you could piece the lining to make the pocket piece.
                                    LST253 THE MORNING POST
                                    • Disclaimer added for laptop size - "Size measured diagonally across screen".
                                    • Page 3, Under ASSEMBLE GUSSET: The Figure 16 illustration should be showing Piece D Zipper Gusset underneath the zipper.
                                      LST256 SMITH
                                      • Link is no longer active for SEWINGONLINE.SULKY.COM.

                                        LST257 ISIDORE

                                        • Figure 7 & 8 illustrations should show the interfacing side.
                                        • Figure 10 & 11 illustrations should not show the foam.
                                        • Typo on front cover fixed.

                                        LST269 FIFTH AVENUE

                                        • © 2024 Version
                                          • 1/26/24 - The instant download instruction file has been updated. If you received an email referencing an update to this pattern, please redownload the files from link in the email, or from your original download link.     

                                        LST272 HAMILTON

                                        • Page 10 Cutting Layout - Interfacing should be listed as Main Interfacing 19" x 104" and Lining Interfacing 19" x 94".

                                        LST273 MISTY

                                        • Page 3; Under MAKE & ATTACH INTERIOR PADDED POCKET; step 1: ...matching the 11" edges. Sew along the matched 11" edges....

                                        LST280 FIELDS

                                        • On page 2, under ASSEMBLE BAG
                                          • Step 3: Leave a 4" - 5" opening between darts for turning.
                                          • Re-numbered 4. Turn Lining RSO....
                                          • Re-numbered 5. Turn the bag RSO....
                                        LST292 MARY
                                          • Back cover - The fusible woven interfacing item # should be STIFWI (not STFWI) and the sew-in foam item # should be STISIF (not STSIF).
                                          LST293 Bedford Falls
                                            • Page 1: Under ASSEMBLE HOUSE: step 3: ....against the WS of each Contrast A Piece C,.....
                                            LST299 Ruth
                                            • Page 1: under TIPS FOR SEWING WITH VINYL: ....needle size 70/10....
                                            • Page 1: Figure 5: the blue pocket piece should be Wrong Side of Accent Fabric
                                            • Page 3: under CREATE & ATTACH STRAP CONNECTORS, tip after step 3:
                                              ...raw edges are stitched in place.