DIY Checkerboard Coasters WITH NO-SEW OPTION! Day 14 of 30 Day Challenge | 10 Minute Project

DIY Checkerboard Coasters WITH NO-SEW OPTION! Day 14 of 30 Day Challenge | 10 Minute Project

Today's tutorial is for a simple, 10-minute project using only two fabrics! Step-by-step you're going to learn how to make a set of checkerboard coasters!

A fun set of coasters will complete any party, table setting, or bar cart! Mix and match colors to coordinate with your home decor and the changing seasons, or even match your favorite teams’ colors! This scrap-friendly project makes a great gift for coworkers, teachers, college students, friends, and family! 

This is great for beginners because it's perfect for practicing cutting, straight stitching, layering fabrics, and using some notions! If you don’t have a sewing machine, simply cut out the pieces and hot glue them together instead of stitching. It's also an eco-friendly project since the small pieces encourage the use of scraps!

The edges of these coasters are left raw, so you’ll need to use a fabric that doesn’t fray such as faux leather, cork fabric, kraft tex, or leather. If you're new to sewing with nonwoven fabrics, shop our selection of Cork Fabric here, or browse our Luxe Faux Leather for a chic alternative look.

I'm sure you’re eager to get started, so let’s begin!

Here are the pattern details before we get started:

  • Finished Size: 3-3/4" square
  • Recommended Fabrics: cork, faux leather, or fabric that doesn’t fray
  • Yardage: Main Fabric 25" wide by 1/8 yard and Contrast Fabric 25" wide by 1/8 yard (makes four coasters)
  • Helpful Notions: 40 wt. polyester thread, ruler, scissors, basting spray, basting tape, or glue, removable pen or chalk, sewing clips, Teflon foot

CUTTING INSTRUCTIONS (makes four coasters)

Main Fabric: Cut (4) 4” squares for coaster bottoms and Cut (52) 3/4" squares for tiles. If making more or less coasters, you'll need 1 bottom and 13 tiles cut from your main fabric per coaster.

Contrast Fabric: Cut (48) 3/4" squares for tiles. If making more or less coasters, you'll need 12 tiles cut from your contrast fabric per coaster.


1. Position the small squares wrong sides together with each back piece, and hold in place with basting spray or basting tape. Start with one Main Fabric Tile and position it in the upper left corner. Then, take one Contrast Fabric Tile and position it to the right of the first tile, aligning the upper edges. Continue positioning the tiles and continue until you have 5 rows of alternating tiles.

With cork fabric and faux leather, you cannot use pins through the fabric, so that’s when adhesives such as basting spray or basting tape will come in handy! You’ll notice that there’s a bit of extra backing fabric on the right side and along the bottom. That allows for a bit of wiggle room when positioning the tiles and don’t worry, we’ll trim off that excess later! If you have some sewing clips, feel free to clip some around the outer edges to help hold the outer tiles in place. 

2. At the upper left corner, going across the top, begin by backstitching, then start by sewing with an 1/8” seam allowance from the outer edge. Then, pivot, sewing down the side of the last tile, and pivot again to sew along the bottom of the first row of tiles. Continue sewing one continuous line until you reach the bottom corner. Then, continue sewing up each column of files to sew down each of the side edges.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 to sew each of your coasters! 

Great job making your first project! I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and it gave you a little practice and the confidence to continue onto another project! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing another free project, which will coordinate with your coasters! 

If you decided to sew along today, we’d love to see your completed project and your progress during this series! Share photos using #sallietomato, #diycheckerboardcoasters, and #30daysewingchallenge. 

We have five more projects left in our 30 day learn to sew challenge, and each project is meant to build upon your skills! I hope you’re enjoying this series. Let us know if you liked this project by commenting below! Your feedback means so much to us. Thanks again for sewing with me today, and I’ll see you next time!

Jess from Sallie Tomato

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