August Updates!

August Updates!

The Sallie Tomato team hopes you are having a month filled with excitement and positivity! We're thankful to have you part of our monthly newsletter group, and to be able to share inspiration, behind the scenes, new releases and special deals! There are lots of special things happening here at Sallie Tomato in the month of August! Be sure to scroll down all the way before you click on anything, so you don't miss out! We hope you're looking forward to what's ahead for the rest of the month because we can't wait to share it with you! 

New Pattern Hack! 

Elevate the look of our well-loved pattern, Ginger, by adding hardware! Kate takes you step-by-step on how to add a buckle detail to this stunning design! If you want to make this exact bag, we have kits now available!  The kit is sold HERE! See the pattern hack here!

New Inspiration! 

Clad in chic, colorful ensembles that effortlessly blend Parisian elegance with a touch of contemporary flair, Emily captures the essence of French fashion with an endearing audacity. Her wardrobe seems like a curated gallery of couture, boasting outfits that artfully balance classic sophistication and avant-garde sensibility, leaving a trail of fashion admirers in her wake. We are so excited for the new season of Emily in Paris later this year that we thought it would be fun to show you what Sallie Tomato patterns we think would be perfect for some of the main characters! Read the blog here!

New Video!

Watch as Jess takes you behind the scenes of her new book! We will have three videos that go in-depth into the new Making Bags: A Field Guide! Learn everything you need to know about bag making with Jess herself! Watch here

Back To School Inspiration!

Get inspired with our new blog post & see our new Bette kit! We've hacked our Bette organizer pattern and turned it into an insulated lunch bag, featuring cute food fabrics! Pack bento lunches with healthy hummus, protein-packed finger foods, yummy sandwiches, or leftovers from the night before! A pretty packed lunch is something to look forward to during your busy day!
We hope you have a month filled with laughter, joy, & creativity! Happy sewing! :) 

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