Cork Club is a great way to get the newest cork first.  Please order the cork club separately from any other product. The sooner you sign up the more freebies you get each month! Here's a sneak Peek of the Upcoming Freebies, Exclusive only to Cork Club Members! This in addition to the NEW 1/3 yard premium cork fabric, exclusive discounts, contests where you can win a $100 Sallie Tomato gift card, cork inspiration, and more - delivered right to your door at no extra cost!

May: $10 of freebies including a pattern & its matching hardware! June: $20 of freebies including a pattern, fabric, hardware & a zipper with your subscription! July: $50 of freebies with PDF Quick-Sew Patterns for free, including a never before released pattern! August: $5.99 of freebies including a popular Mini Pattern! September: $20 of freebies including a pattern, zipper, hardware & more!

To take advantage of these freebies, join Cork Club by the Shipment cutoff date, which is the 14th of each month.