Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix
Patrón de papel Félix

Patrón de papel Félix


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Ayúdese a mantenerse organizado, incluso en movimiento. Al igual que Felix Unger de Odd Couple, puedes mantenerte organizado con esto en tu vehículo. ¡Las posibilidades son infinitas! ¡Puede contener su teléfono, gafas de sol, mapas o crayones para niños, libros para colorear, juguetes, dispositivos electrónicos y más!

CLASE EN LÍNEA GRATUITA: Próximamente se lanzará un video tutorial completo sobre cómo construir este patrón en nuestro canal de YouTube . ¡Asegúrate de suscribirte para no perderte ningún otro vídeo!


TAMAÑO TERMINADO: 11" de ancho por 17-1/4" de alto

CARACTERÍSTICAS: Bolsillo grande de malla con parte superior elástica, bolsillo para teléfono, bolsillo para bolígrafo, soporte para gafas, pestañas a presión para guardar o colgar de la palanca de cambios, asas, diseño elegante

HARDWARE REQUERIDO: (2) Broches magnéticos de 3/4 - STS158x

NOCIONES ÚTILES: Revise la parte posterior de la cubierta del patrón para conocer las nociones recomendadas. Compre nuestra creciente variedad de nociones de costura de Sallie Tomato y los mejores proveedores de la industria.

¡Este patrón no sería posible sin nuestro maravilloso grupo de probadores de patrones! ¡Aprecio su arduo trabajo!

*disponible en níquel (S), oro (G), antiguo (A), bronce (B) y oro rosa (C)

Included with this purchase is the pattern cover and the pattern instructions. Each of our patterns are complete with step-by-step illustrations to help make the written directions easier to understand. Included are many sewing techniques and tips to help you achieve a quality, finished project. Each pattern is designed to help you learn and expand your sewing skills! 

Most patterns are measured and cut, which means that the pieces will need to be cut with a rotary cutter, ruler, and cutting mat. Some patterns may include templates for shaping and/or cutting out the pieces. 

Trace or photocopy the pattern piece(s) onto a separate sheet of paper. If printing or copying template(s), print at 100% or actual size. Measure the test square provided in the pattern to ensure the pieces are the correct size. Tape corresponding pieces together before cutting fabric, aligning red lines, shapes, and outer edges. It’s also helpful to write the name and cutting instructions on each pattern piece. Cut out pattern pieces along solid black lines, unless otherwise stated.

Directions on how to open the zip file to access the downloads once they are purchased:

  • Click here to learn how to unzip compressed files on your Microsoft Windows Computer.
  • Click here to learn how to unzip compressed files on your Apple Mac Computer.

Please review the back of the pattern cover for recommended fabrics. Shop our selection of Cork Fabric, Faux Leather, Microsuede, and Faux Fur for a designer finish. We also offer quality Interfacing and Stabilizers, to add structure and stability to your projects!

Please refer to the pattern cover pictured above for the material and supply list.

Please review the back of the pattern cover for recommended notions. Shop our growing variety of sewing notions from Sallie Tomato and the industry's best suppliers.

Yes! Each of our patterns are thoroughly tested by our group of talented sewists, with skill levels ranging from beginner to experienced. We appreciate their hard work to help make this pattern easy-to-sew, fun-to-make, and as error-free as possible! This pattern would not be possible without them!

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Sallie Tomato provides sewing patterns, purse hardware, handbag zippers, cork fabric, and select sewing supplies for bag making.


The name of my shop developed around my middle name, Sallie.  Also, the tomato pin cushion is a well-recognized symbol of sewing.  Thank you for visiting my website!

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