Checkerboard Backpack!

Checkerboard Backpack!

Let's go back to a time with your Walkman in hand, grooving to the beats of the Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, while rocking flannel shirts tied around your waist. Welcome to the nostalgic realm of the 1990s! Introducing Checkerboard Backpack!

This checkerboard backpack is the perfect staple for work, festival goers, business owners, etc! This fabulous backpack is perfect as a hands-free purse, with plenty of pockets for storage. But it is also large enough to fit a standard notebook or binder, so it’s great for students, too! Pair Cork Fabric with your favorite quilt cotton or canvas. This project will walk you through how to attach a zipper to cork fabric and how to make and attach bias binding to cover seam allowances. 

Style this bag in so many ways! We love it paired with a basic activewear dress & a cute knit cardigan! Or mix and match patterns! Grab a chevron dress or shirt or some fun timeless pants to really edge up your look! 

This pattern has a popular and versatile design! Perfect for any age & useful for many purposes, including school, work, travel, outdoor activities, and everyday use. The Checkerboard Cork Fabric gives it that 90's nostalgia feel! This pattern is available in Jess's book: Making Bags: A Field Guide! We hope you liked this new blog & are feeling inspired to create something new after reading it! Happy sewing! :) 

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