Time to Unwind: DIY Spa Gift Guide

Time to Unwind: DIY Spa Gift Guide

Can you believe it's already April! That means a lot of special occasions are coming up! Everything from Mother's and Father's Day to wedding and graduation season! If you are struggling to find a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, keep reading! All of these gifts were not only made with loved ones in mind, but also with our planet in mind! Making your own gifts is a great start to a more sustainable lifestyle while also helping our planet get rid of excess waste and minimizing overconsumption! Enjoy creating these fun gifts and tag us at #sallietomato so we can see what you stitch up! 

Basket & Tray!

Our first project is a DIY Custom Size Tray or Basket! This is an essential for home decor lovers or you can have it be the first piece of a gift! Fill it with our other DIY projects or with the special person's favorite things! This project has been designed with beginners in mind and is a basic pattern for making trays and baskets for every room in your home. Make any custom size you desire, no matter how big or small!

Eye Mask! 

Our next project is perfect for those who love their sleep! This DIY Eye Mask will help anyone get a better, deeper sleep and wake up feeling refreshed when they wear this to bed! The eye mask would be a thoughtful gift for a bride or in a bridesmaid's goody bag, so they feel rejuvenated for the big day or in a basket for an upcoming college student who is about to endure the dorm life experience! Add some essential oils, slippers and some sleepy time tea for the coziest gift! 

Shower Scrubbie!

Ever want your shower to feel more luxurious and spa like? Check out this DIY Mini Mesh Shower Scrubbie! This will elevate any shower! It's a great exfoliate and lathers up your soap leaving you with the cleanest and soft skin feeling! Gift this scrubbie with soap, lotion, and other toiletries in a personalized basket (maybe the DIY one we read about earlier) for a thoughtful gift. This project has minimal sewing, which makes it a great option for beginners! 

Bath Mat!

Our next gift would be so thoughtful for any new homeowner in your life! Every new home should have a soft Bath Mat to brighten up the bathroom and what better way to say "Welcome Home," than with a handmade gift! Match the fabric you use for the bathmat to some towels or a shower curtain to make it a fun coordinating surprise! 

Bath & Shower Mitt!

To finish off our spa-like experience we bring to you a DIY Bath & Shower Mitt! These are great for exfoliation which has so many benefits! Longer lasting summer tans, better circulation, targeting cellulite and more! This will leave your skin soft and smooth. Pair this with a sugar scrub to maximize exfoliation & some nourishing body oil to create that relaxing at home spa feeling for someone you love, or yourself! 

We hope this blog was able to inspire you to create your next gift for someone special or even yourself! All of these patterns will make the ultimate spa retreat at home! Use these gifts for a working mother who could use a night away in her own sanctuary, an upcoming bride who deserves some stress relief, a college student who could use some handmade love from home or for yourself because you deserve some self-love and care too! Happy Sewing! 



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