DIY Mini Mesh Shower Scrubbie Tutorial

DIY Mini Mesh Shower Scrubbie Tutorial

Pamper yourself, friends, and family with a handmade Shower Scrubbie! Gift this Scrubbie with soap, lotion, and other toiletries in a personalized basket for a thoughtful gift. This project also works well for washing dishes. This project has minimal sewing, which makes it a great option for beginners. 

Today's project features Mini Mesh, which is 100% cotton. After use, make sure to wash and dry your Scrubbie to keep it fresh and clean. The finished size of each Scrubbie is 6" wide by 6” high. Let’s get started!


  • Mini Mesh
    • For Mini Pouf 4” by width of fabric strip
    • For Gentle Pouf 1/4 yard - Cut into (1) 6” by width of fabric strip
    • For Thick Pouf 1/3 yard - Cut into (2) 6” by width of fabric strips
  • 40wt Polyester Thread
  • Optional 12” of Cord


  1. Trim of selvage edges.
  2. For Thick Pouf, layer strips on top of one another, aligning all edges. Use pins to hold the layers together. 

  1. Set your sewing machine to the longest stitch length such as 6mm or 7mm long. Starting at one short edge, sew along the center length, stopping at the opposite short edge, leaving a long thread tail at the beginning and end. 

  1. Carefully pull the top thread tail to gather the fabric.

  1. Once gathered, knot the beginning and ending thread tails together. 
  2. Fluff the Pouf and arrange the gathered layers to shape the Scrubbie. 
  3. If desired, tie the cord around the center of the Scrubbie and knot the ends to secure a looped strap. 



I hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial and will make many Pouf Scrubbies to enjoy! Tutorials like this help inspire fresh ways to use fabrics for projects other than bags, apparel, and home decor. What other accessories could you use Mini Mesh for? The possibilities are endless!

Have a creative day!

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