How to Install Line 20 Snaps Tutorial

How to Install Line 20 Snaps Tutorial

Learn how to install Line 20 Snaps in this tutorial! These snaps are durable, and easy to snap together and apart. They are even strong enough to stay attached to leather! Use these snaps on pockets, straps, flaps, belts, jewelry and more.

Line 20 Snaps work best on interfaced cotton, cork fabric, faux leather, waxed canvas, vinyl, 5-7 ounce leather, and other bag making materials. The dimensions of Line 20 Snaps include a post length of 3/16" (0.5 cm) and a cap diameter of 7/16" (1.1 cm).

To install these snaps, you'll need a Snap Setter & Anvil Tool Set. It's important to use the correct tools, so consider purchasing a tool set, which you will use time and time again!


1. First you'll need to understand the parts of a line snap. The parts (from left to right) include the socket, cap, stud, and eyelet. The socket will go with the cap. The stud will go with the eyelet. 

2. Use a rotary punch or awl to punch two holes: one where the cap will be install and one where the stud will be installed.

3. Position the line snap parts as pictured below. The stud and cap will go against the topside (brown). The eyelet and socket will go against the underside (black).

4. Place the cap against the anvil, and the setter in the center of the socket. Use a hammer to secure the hardware in place by tapping the setter. 

5. Place the eyelet on a flat surface or the anvil, and the setter in the center of the stud. Use a hammer to secure the hardware in place by tapping the setter. 

That's it! Push the socket over the stud to secure the snap.

What to try Line 20 Snaps on a project? Check out our DIY Faux Leather Snap Bracelet Tutorial Here to get you started!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try your hand at Line 20 Snaps! Share your creations in our Facebook Group and with #sallietomatohardware.

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  • Rebecca Greco

    I have had a boutique embroidery business for several years and have always wanted to make handbags so I am. so
    excited to have found your company with all its high quality products and professional tutorials. I am making the
    New Years Eve Veronica Messenger Bag…can’t wait….the journey goes on

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