DIY Faux Leather Snap Bracelets

DIY Faux Leather Snap Bracelets

Let's get creative with faux leather and purse hardware! This tutorial is meant to encourage you to "think outside the bag" when it comes to faux leather and purse hardware. These bracelets are very EASY and addicting to make, especially when the fabrics are precut for you! You can find a precut kit here!

Making jewelry is a great way to use up odds and ends of purse hardware from your stash, or grab bag hardware. Think of new ways to use hooks, clasps, rings, chain, and even combine them with fabric such as cork fabric and faux leather! 

Today's project features Faux Leather and Line 20 Snaps to make a statement bracelet you can actually see yourself wearing! Let's get started!



1. Wrap the bracelet around your wrist to where it's comfortable. Use a pen to mark where you want snap installed.

2. Remove the bracelet from your wrist and re-wrap to where you had it on your wrist. Poke a pin through the mark you made through both layers of fabric.  

3. Fold away the top layer of fabric and mark where the pin pokes through on the bottom layer. Then, remove the pin.

4. Use a rotary punch or awl to punch a hole at each mark.

5. The parts of a line snap are (from left to right) the socket, cap, stud, and eyelet. The socket will go with the cap. The stud will go with the eyelet. 

6. Position the line snap parts as pictured below. The stud and cap will go against the topside. The eyelet and socket will go against the underside.

7. Place the cap against the anvil, and the setter in the center of the socket. Use a hammer to secure the hardware in place by tapping the setter. 

8. Place the eyelet on a flat surface or the anvil, and the setter in the center of the stud. Use a hammer to secure the hardware in place by tapping the setter. 

9. Trim an access fabric about 1/4" away from the hardware.

10. Enjoy your new bracelet! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will try your hand at making jewelry with purse hardware! Share your creations in our Facebook Group and with #sallietomatohardware


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  • Barb Flowers

    Love the faux leather bracelet. I now have one for me and one for my best friend and her daughter. Thanks for making this available at such a good price!

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