Mean Girls Series - Sallie Tomato goes Plastic!

Mean Girls Series - Sallie Tomato goes Plastic!

For some, the 2004 movie Mean Girls movie helped summarize our teen experience - all in one perfectly wrapped Tina Fey bow.

Insecurities, teenage cliques, trying to fit in and making not so great choices in the process, high school crushes, trying to figure out where we fit into the hierarchy of life, and ultimately embracing who we truly are.

It is a tale as old as time, which is why it still persists through pop culture 20 years later.

The musical version of Mean Girls premiered on Broadway in 2018. And now, the full-length movie musical is out in wide theatrical release. As you all know, we are big movie fans here at Sallie Tomato, so we took this opportunity to style and hack some of our bag patterns in the fashion of some of the key characters in the Mean Girls movie.

For our “styled only” bag, we made the quintessential Plastics bag. The fabrics chosen for the Tiffany bag pattern are for the most important day in the Mean Girls calendar - Wednesdays! - because on Wednesdays We Wear Pink. Time to bring back out all that Barbie pink we just wore!

Check out this great kit as well as our other blogs with our hacks for bags for Regina, Cady, Gretchen, and Janis.

We think these bags are SO. FETCH. And we can’t wait to see how you use these hacks on these patterns or other Sallie Tomato patterns! And again, we have all the details laid out for you in the coordinating Mean Girls inspired blogs, so you have everything you need to create these bags confidently!

Watch the video tutorial series for all these stylish pattern hacks! 

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