Mean Girls Series: The Cady Bag

Mean Girls Series: The Cady Bag

To continue our Mean Girls series, for our Cady styled bag, we color blocked our Shaw backpack to show her personality and worldly travels.

Color blocking is a fun way to truly make a bag your own. It can showcase a special fabric or can use a favorite fabric that you may not have enough yardage of for a whole bag. It also could be a unique way to show off fabrics from your worldly travels.

In this variation, we paired quilting cottons with our faux duck waxed canvas. These two fabrics work beautifully together and can also add a bit more stability to your bag.


Fabric Notes: 

You’ll need just under a 1/4 yard (0.23m) of a special fabric (Main Fabric A) and just under a 1/2 yard (0.46m) for the coordinating fabric (Main Fabric B).

All construction/assembly follows the pattern, with the following exception shown in the photo below: 

In the pattern, under MAKE COTTON STRAPS, step 3: Do not trim seam allowance to 1/8” wide. 

To help reduce the bulk in the curved Strap end, carefully cut a few notches out of the outer edge of the seam allowance. 

*Faux waxed canvas is a coarser weave than quilt cotton and will fray when trimmed to a narrow seam allowance.

We can’t wait to see your color blocked bag!  Watch the video tutorial series for all these stylish pattern hacks! 

Happy Sewing!

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