A Very Tiffany Holiday | Complete Your Festive Tablescape with NEW Patterns!

A Very Tiffany Holiday | Complete Your Festive Tablescape with NEW Patterns!

The Holiday season has officially begun, and maybe you've thought about switching up & giving a whole new vibe to your party. Good news -we're here to inspire you with BRAND NEW (and FREE) Sallie Tomato patterns, using our beautiful Robin Egg Blue Cork & Faux Leather fabrics! Keep scrolling to read more about how we set up this table, & click to watch the tutorial below!

Do you like what you're seeing on this table? Let's talk some more about it! Featured on this very classy table is a FREE pattern, that will give any dining space a sophisticated and high-end feel: Cork Fabric or Faux Leather Bow Napkin Rings! Click here to be directed to the Blog post, that teaches you step-by-step how to make this pattern!

For a classic look, add this pattern to any cloth or paper napkin, or try adding to the end of a table runner, to create a dreamy look!

You can tie together this entire look by bringing all of the glittery, shimmery, glass items to the table! For this look, we gathered crystal coffee or tea cups, perfect for setting up this tablescape as a dessert or tea party table. 

We also decided to add tasty French Vanilla macarons to this table, placed on a paper lace doily, on a beautiful, vintage crystal glass platter.

For pops of color, we recommend adding trending metallic cutlery, sparkly sequins (check out our selection of sequins here!), some seasonal florals - like these gorgeous white poinsettia, and other special trinkets!

This table would make a great theme for a birthday party, a bachelorette party, a graduation, anniversary & more! Place gifts in the Randy bag, made with the Robin Egg Blue Pebble Faux Leather and Rustic Pearl Cork Fabric

We'd love to see your versions of a #tiffanytablescape! Tag Sallie Tomato in your on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok videos and photos!

Thank you for reading, and have a very festive Holiday!

-Maleea from Sallie Tomato


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  • Shelly

    Awesome idea! I love all your Tiffany inspired things

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