Easy DIY Bow Napkin Ring from Cork Fabric or Faux Leather!

Easy DIY Bow Napkin Ring from Cork Fabric or Faux Leather!

"Don't be like the rest of them, darling!" This Holiday season, make your table setting stand out from all of the rest, with this Tiffany-inspired pattern & tablescape: introducing, simple & elegant Bow Napkin Rings! 

This year, we're incorporating our love for sewing with setting up dreamy, easy DIY tablescapes. Bring a bit of "icing" to your dining room table or gathering place with this super simple, FREE pattern. Napkin rings are often a very overlooked accessory to any event or gathering: but they really can add a perfect touch to a table setting, and tie any look together. Follow along below, and see how to make this sophisticated pattern, step-by-step!


  1. Fold one long edge of  Piece A 1" to the WS. Fold opposite long edge 1" to the WS, covering the first side. Optional: Place a small 3/4" by 1/2" piece of sew-in foam within the layers near one short end to help support the stud button. Topstitch all edges with 1/8" allowance (photos 1a-1d).

Use basting spray, glue, tape or sewing clips to hold the layers together.

2. Install one stud button, centered, and 1/2" in from one short end (the end with the sew-in foam) of the napkin ring (photo 2).


  1. Punch a hole, centered and 1/2" from the opposite end of the napkin ring. Add a small 1/8" long slit toward the middle of the napkin ring from the punched hole. Optional: Punch a second hole about 3/4" in from the first hole for custom sizing (photos 3a, 3b & 3c).

4. Repeat steps 1-3 to complete the second napkin ring. Close each napkin ring, then gently fold the loop in half and mark the fold (photos 4a, 4b, & 4c).

5. Optional: Topstitch long edges of the Piece B Connectors with 1/8" allowance (photo 5).


  1. On the Wrong Side of one Piece C, mark 3/8" in from one corner along the short edge. Then mark 2-1/2" from the corner along the long edge. Draw an angled line, connecting the marks (photos 6a, 6b, 6c).

7. Cut along the angled line, shaping the corner. Repeat for the remaining corners and second bow piece (photo 7).


  1. On the Wrong Side of one bow piece, mark (11) short lines equally spaced (between 1/2" and 5/8" apart [9/16"]) between short ends. Repeat for the remaining bow piece (photo 8).

9. Press folds at each marked line with your fingers. Fold Wrong Sides Together at the first line, then Right Sides Together at the second line. Alternate Wrong Side and Right Side folds to create accordion pleats. Hold pleats together with a sewing clip or permanent glue on the Wrong Side (photos 9a, 9ab, 9c, 9d, 9e, 9f and 9g). Hold pleats together with a sewing clip or permanent glue on the Wrong Side.


  1. Open and place a Napkin Ring Right Side Up over the Wrong Side of the Connector. Position the Napkin Ring so the center mark is between the edges of the Connector underneath and about 1/2" of the Connector extends beyond the Napkin Ring. Fold the short extension over the Napkin Ring and topstitch or glue in place (photos 10a & 10b).

  1. Place the Bow, Right Side Up and centered, on the Napkin Ring. Glue in place. Wrap the Connector over the Bow pleats and glue the end to the Wrong Side of the Napkin Ring (photos 11a, 11b, and 11c).

12. Repeat steps 9-11 to complete the second Napkin Ring.

Set your table, inspired by Jess's holiday table scaping tutorial here!

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I hope you enjoy this project; have a holiday season filled with creativity!


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