Tie Dye Tonal Slate Faux Fur
Tie Dye Tonal Slate Faux Fur
Tie Dye Tonal Slate Faux Fur

Tie Dye Tonal Slate Faux Fur


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Sallie Tomato Flocked Faux Fur is a realistic, flocked fabric. This unique material will make your projects stand out, and appear to be made from real fur, with no animals harmed in the process! The fibers are attached with glue to create this flocked, natural-looking material.

Our fabric has been made from the highest quality fibers which give great softness, drape, and longevity. It is prized for its plush, fibrous feel. With a little bit of love and care, your fabric will stay in great condition for a long time.

This vegan material has a natural, authentic feel, which makes it a practical choice for various applications in bag making, fashion, home decor, accessories, and more.

  • Size: at least 25” wide by length of fabric purchased  
  • Fiber Content: 40% Polyester, 50% Nylon (fiber), 8% glue, 2% ink for printing
  • Recommended Needle: An 80/12 or 90/14 non-stick needle is recommended, with a longer stitch length such as 2.5mm or 3mm.
  • Recommended Thread: 40 wt polyester thread
  • Recommended Presser Foot: standard foot 
  • Ironing: Do not iron fabric directly. Cover with a cloth and iron on a low temperature setting.
  • Care Instructions: Do not wash fabric; wipe with a damp cloth to treat local stains. For more stubborn stains, add a little detergent to the soiled area and gently brush or wipe the stain clockwise with a soft brush or cloth. Do not tumble dry; instead, air dry fabric for the best results. Do not expose this fabric to the sun for a long period of time.
WANT MATCHING THREAD? We recommend using Sulky 40 wt Poly Deco thread for sewing with this material. It’s durable for all types of projects, and it’s great for both construction and topstitching. It has a shine for a professional finish. Thread #1220 matches this fabric. You can purchase here.

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The name of my shop developed around my middle name, Sallie.  Also, the tomato pin cushion is a well-recognized symbol of sewing.  Thank you for visiting my website!

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