Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide

Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide


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No more stressing about uneven or wobbly seam lines when you use the Dritz Magnetic Seam Guide. This seam gauge, deluxe type, easy to mount and easy to remove. With this guide you'll confidently stitch straight or curved lines.
  • Use To Stitch Even Seams, Tucks, And Pleats Without Marking
  • Adjusts To Any Position On Metal Throat Plate Of Sewing Machine
  • Not Recommended For Computerized Sewing Machines
  • Product Dimension: 4.75"L X 2.88"W X 0.33"H

Get uniform seam widths using this handy magnetic quilting and sewing notion. No more marking or measuring your project. Simply place the guide on your machine's metal throat plate and adjust the stitch width by simply moving the guide. For continuous straight seams, butt fabric against the solid metal fence which won't allow the fabric to shift as it reaches the needle.  This seam guide contains a magnet; check your machine manual before using. 

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