Clover No Hassle Triangles Gauge

Clover No Hassle Triangles Gauge


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This is a nifty little tool that solves all of the triangle problems. It’s constructed out of sturdy plastic with a securely locking slide. The markings on the shaft not only show you how to measure and mark your fabric but will even tell you what size to cut your blocks. Now you can make half square and quarter square triangles perfect every time. And it’s fast. You never cut a triangle, you just end up with them.

Effortlessly cut, mark and stitch 1/2 square or 1/4 square triangles without ever cutting a triangle or guessing at the sides. Reference the left side of the gauge for 1/2 square and the right side for 1/4 square. Sliding gauge locks for accuracy. Makes sizes 2-1/2in up to 6-1/2in triangles.

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