Baby Lock Open Toe Foot

Baby Lock Open Toe Foot


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The open toe foot is the perfect foot for sewing appliqué or stitching around intricate areas. This foot has a larger groove cut out of the underside to accommodate thicker stitches and decorative threads.  This is a snap on foot

Works with the following machines: Ellageo, Ellure, Encore, Esante, Espire, Aria, Crescendo, Destiny, Ellageo Plus, Ellegante, Ellisimo, Ellisimo Gold, Ellisimo Gold 2, Journey, Solaris, Spirit, Symphony, Unity, Accord, Amelia, Audrey, Aventura, Brilliant, Crafter’s Choice, Elizabeth, Decorator’s Choice, Ellure Plus, Flourish, Intrigue, Jazz, Jazz ll, Jubillant, Katherine, Lyric, Melody, Presto, Quilter’s Choice, Sofia, Soprano, Tempo, Unity, Xscape, Verve, Denim Pro, Design Pro, Maria, Natalie, Zest, BL9

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