Zip, Zip Hooray! New Zippers Await!

Zip, Zip Hooray! New Zippers Await!

They may be smaller than what you're used to, but they pack a powerful zip! Introducing, the long-awaited and requested, Size #3 Zippers! 

Get ready to get creative and sew with your favorite high-quality zippers from Sallie Tomato! Available in all five of our shiny, high quality finishes, say “hello” to six tape colors: White, Navy, Natural, Grey, Beige & Black! In each pack of the newest #3 Zippers, you'll find 3 yards of nylon zipper tape with 9 matching metal pulls! Easily coordinate the zipper tape color with your favorite fabrics & match the nylon coil color with your favorite bag hardware for the most professional look!

Add #3 Zippers to wallet patterns, closures for interior and exterior pockets, on smaller patterns like the Carly Lanyard, and more!

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  • Susan Bouchard

    Great for the little bags!

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