Watch the Free Bette Video Tutorial

Watch the Free Bette Video Tutorial

Introducing the functional travel pattern Kits that will leave you “in good hands” no matter what the occasion; the possibilities for this pattern are endless!

Sallie Tomato's Bette pattern is up for grabs with the simple and striking fabrics, designed by the talented Rashida Coleman-Hale of Ruby Star Society, from the Adorn Fabric Collection! These Kits are so exciting to look at, you'll want to reach for this pattern again and again! You'll find lots of uses for the Bette bag. This pattern has been designed to be used as a travel organizer for toiletries, cosmetics, essential oils, art supplies, and more!  It would also make a great lunch bag or small cooler without the organizer or bottle holders, and a layer of our Insul-Bright! The name of this pattern was inspired by the classic movie actress, Bette Davis.


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