Sallie Tomato & Co. Box 2024!

Sallie Tomato & Co. Box 2024!

Sew in style with the trendiest color of the year - Apricot Crush! Our 2024 Sallie Tomato & Co Box included 14 days of surprise items including freshly picked fabrics, zippers, early-release patterns, and exclusive treats! These boxes were available for preorder at the beginning of the year and shipped out mid-March for our customers to enjoy unboxing with the Sallie Tomato Team on April 1st! 

Get notified right away when you can preorder the 2025 Sallie Tomato & Co Box.

Day 1

We are kicking off our 14-day box with a signature Sallie Tomato item - Cork! We have three beautiful prints - Daisy Check, Rustic Sunstone, and Argyle Cork - all ⅓ yard cuts. Cork is a durable and fun fabric to sew with! You can use this cork for projects in this box - hint hint - or let the cork inspire you to make anything you’d like from wallets to totes to home decor!

Day 2

The second item, which may be useful throughout the next two weeks, is a brand-new zipper bundle! This zipper bundle includes five yards of zippers in new colors AND with new fruit-y zipper pulls. We have Mango Nickel, Purple Nickel, Ruby Rose Gold, Eucalyptus Gold, Banana Cream Gold, Gold Citrus Slice Pulls, Nickel Cherries Pulls, Gold Pineapple Pulls, Rose Gold Strawberry Pulls, Nickel Grapes Pulls.

Day 3

The third item is a brand new, box exclusive pattern, called Houdini! For this third day, we are going to show you the pattern in three different fabrics. This pattern is deceptively fun in its construction and is a great addition to your bag collection. The Houdini is a practical pouch featuring an unusual zipper closure. You’ll be amazed how easily this project comes together. It’s perfect for Sallie Tomato Zippers by the Yard, which were in your Sallie Tomato & Box yesterday.

Day 4

The fourth item is a brand-new Sallie Tomato product! We expanded our collection of patterned clear vinyl to support our free pattern of the year, Ruth, and we are excited to include it in this year’s box and provide three tips for sewing with vinyl!

Day 5

The fifth item in this year’s box is a SHIMMERY addition to our faux leather fabrics. Let’s take a look at these items and go over some quick tips for sewing with faux leather. Today’s item is our new solar and moonlight shimmer faux leather. It has a stunning subtle shimmer that catches the light just right and adds that extra little pop to your handmade projects. If you are new to our faux leather, it is 100% vegan, soft, pliable and truly sews up beautifully.

Day 6

The sixth item in our Sallie Tomato & Co Box includes everything you need to make those statement straps for your handmade bags. We have provided stunning Crossroads Sunburst webbing, all the hardware needed in a bright gold finish, and a free Make-A-Strap PDF pattern, which can be downloaded from our website. Our Make-A-Strap pattern has three different finishing options, in varying sizes, to customize your straps for any handmade bag project you are working on!

Day 7

The seventh item is an upgrade to one of our long-time free patterns! We have upgraded our free Circle Bag pattern to a full-size pattern and have renamed it Gwen. Gwen now includes a fully finished lining, new exterior pocket, and interior zipper and slip pockets. This circular bag, with its unique silhouette, is a classic when using just one fabric. It’s also a fun style to add surface embellishments such as machine embroidery, applique, or quilting.

Day 8

Circling back to this year’s inspiration for the Sallie Tomato & Co box. As you know, this year’s Sallie Tomato & Co box was inspired by the color, Apricot Crush, so the eighth item is a sweet mid-box treat for you to enjoy! Apricot jam can be enjoyed in so many ways! Did you know that food preservation methods similar to jam date all the way back to the Stone Age? And that the first written recipe for jam dates back to the fourth century in Rome in the first known cookbook; The Art of Cooking!

Day 9

The ninth item is a trendy no-sew accessory that can be made in a couple hours. The knotted headband is everywhere right now, and we are excited to show you how to make your own! You can use this pattern on different headband sizes, and use nearly any fabric, to truly make a knotted headband that fits your style - or perhaps even an entire collection of knotted headbands to coordinate with any outfit or any occasion!

Day 10

The tenth item is another no-sew accessory that adds a little “pop” to your bags. This project can be added to any bag or keychain and is completely customizable. Charms to add to your bags have been more and more prevalent in recent years. This fun tiered tassel, no sew project, takes the bag tassels we know up a notch. This Tiered Tassel project only uses a few small pieces of fabric, while also including a new technique to add quilting cottons to the back of your faux leather.


Day 11

The eleventh item is a sturdy and unique, Sallie Tomato exclusive fabric. Our Faux Waxed Canvas is soft, strong, and durable. It can withstand wear and tear, making it ideal for rugged, long-lasting products. This canvas is printed with a distinctive patina design, giving it a vintage, weathered appearance. This material can be used to make outdoor and adventure gear, including backpacks, duffel bags, jackets, and other items. It adds a rugged, outdoorsy look to fashion bags or apparel projects. Also use it to make travel bags, home goods, and accessories.


Day 12

The twelfth item is a handy sewn-in bag closure for your handmade projects. Invisible Sew-in Invisible Sew-In Bar Magnetic Snaps are easy to install and make your finished projects look cleaner and more professional! These powerful magnetic snaps are exceptionally flat. They are encased in soft, pliable plastic, which is easy to sew through with a standard needle. You'll love the convenience of keeping your bags and clutches closed with the simplicity of this magnetic snap.


Day 13

The thirteenth item is a large carryall that is useful for retreats, travel, or any day on the go - or for stocking up on all those apricots at the farmer's market! The Bonnie bag was designed in collaboration with Sulky of America. It has several pockets, comfortable shoulder straps, and a roomy interior so you can carry everything you need and more! The Bonnie offers areas for embroidery and embellishment, creating a fun opportunity to show off your creativity. It pairs perfectly with our Lucky Penny, Bella or Deanie patterns.


Day 14

This is the last day of our Sallie Tomato & Co box, and we are ending it with something extra special. This Sallie Tomato travel size jewelry box is a perfect home for your accessories or even special sewing notions, whether at home or on your next adventure. With custom areas for rings, earrings and necklaces - this organizer will ensure you don’t have any tangled necklaces or lost earrings. You could also use it to keep notions organized.

We hope everyone enjoyed this year's Sallie Tomato & CO Box! Products shown are exclusive to the box and some products will be released later in time. Let us know your favorite day of unboxing in the comments below! Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter to be the first to know about our 2025 Box pre-order! Happy Sewing! :) 



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