Sallie the Elf!

Sallie the Elf!

In a cozy, snow-kissed corner of the enchanting North Pole, where sugarplum dreams and wintry wonders come to life, there exists a tradition as old as the twinkling stars themselves. It's the tale of the "Elf on the Shelf" – a whimsical, mischievous, and ever-watchful emissary from Santa Claus, sent to sprinkle a pinch of magic into the hearts of children around the world. Sneak into the Holiday Season with our newest pattern and precut kits, Sallie The Elf! The adorable kits come with everything you need for this project! Use it as decor or a fun holiday prank for you and your family, or coworkers! It’s very quick to assemble, so you may find yourself making more than one, in different outfits, or as a gift for family & friends to enjoy!


This is a scrap friendly project you can make out of non-woven fabrics, such as cork, microsuede, and faux leather! We have already had some fun here at Sallie Tomato with our own elf! Here's some inspiration on what you can have your elf do!


We’d love to see what mischief your Elf is up to this holiday season! Use the hashtags #sallietomato and #sallietheelf! Watch the video tutorial - DIY Elf on the Shelf Tutorial Featuring Sallie The Elf!



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