Sail Away With Debby!

Sail Away With Debby!

The Debby pattern has been discontinued. For a full list of available patterns, please visit our website and be sure to tag us at #sallietomato when you create with us!

The new Debby bag is an essential carrier pattern that's also beginner friendly, made to grab and go! Debby is a quick project that is great inside of a bigger bag or perfect on its own. The concept of Debby was created by Debby Bellamy, Jamie's mother, who is an avid sailor. The original samples were made from the salvaged remnants of her sailboat sail!

The features of this bag make it unique, & stands out from the crowd of ordinary bags! The hardware incorporated includes high quality snap-together 1/2" Grommets, an optional Handmade label, and a Gate Ring. And if you really want to "seas" the day, add the optional Nautical Themed Zipper Pull! 

If you are looking for these exact featured products, see below!

Here is the Nautical Traveler Cork fabric & the Natural Gunmetal #5 zipper.

Make sure to check out this FREE full-length video tutorial on how to construct this pattern & subscribe to never miss another video! 


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