Purse Hardware Tutorial: Zipper & Cord Ends

Purse Hardware Tutorial: Zipper & Cord Ends

In this video, Jess will teach you how to use Zipper Ends! This is a way to give your zipper a fresh look with a beautiful, professional finish. For this tutorial, you'll need your zipper, a zipper cord end, a small screw driver, and some glue. Our Zipper Ends can be purchased here.

This hardware has multiple uses including covering the raw end of your zipper or drawstring cord. 

This hardware will also help prevent the pull of your zipper from sliding off the teeth at the end. A zipper end is ideal for handbags and clutches where the zipper tail hangs loose. It's especially helpful to finish off the ends of zippers by the yard.

These ends are durable, and look great from both sides. 

This hardware measures 17mm long, 11mm wide, and 6mm high.

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