New Pattern Release: The Katye Bag

New Pattern Release: The Katye Bag

Meet our newest pattern, thoughtfully designed for every day use: Katye!

Enjoy this feminine bag that offers a touch of elegance with beautiful contrasting colors and florals, as well as unique designs and shapes! This pattern is notable for its tall, deep, brilliant body shape, as well as all of its storage compartments! The hardware used offers a “riveting” feel to an already stunning bag, complimenting the undertones of the fabrics gorgeously. 

There are two colorful color selections for this Kit: enjoy the earthy tones with the Midnight Linea & Wildflower Clair De Lune fabrics by Kelly Ventura & Windham Fabrics, complimented with our Hazelnut Legacy Faux Leather. Or, for a bright and airy summery option: choose the Big Sur Unbleached Canvas fabric by Robert Kaufman, accented with the Natural Moody Bloom's Mochi Linen fabric by Create Joy Project, and Mustard Legacy Faux Leather.

A full-length video tutorial for this pattern is now available on our YouTube Channel! Subscribe to our channel (right here!) to never miss another video!

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