New Mini Pattern Release: The Lee

New Mini Pattern Release: The Lee

Make the Most of the Holidays!


The Lee pattern has been discontinued. For a full list of available patterns, please visit our website and be sure to tag us at #sallietomato when you create with us!

There's always a lot to celebrate in this great country we call home. In time for Independence & Labor Day, we'd like to introduce to you, the classic bunting pattern Lee, the newest pattern apart of the Monthly Mini Series!

This patriotic pattern was inspired by Jamie's grandmother, Lee! She is a proud American, and believes in the Golden rule…treat everyone as you'd want to be treated - a wonderful ideation we all should live by! This year, impress your neighbors and passersby's with this beautiful draping pattern, made with Red White & Blue Rip Stop, as well as the eye-catching Platinum Cork Fabric for those shining stars! Hang Lee on the front porch, or in a favorite room of the house to keep the North American pride alive and well! Or, if you'd like, hang Lee year-round, and personalize it with your own colors for your favorite holiday or home country! 

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