New Mini Pattern Release: Rita Ring Wristlet

New Mini Pattern Release: Rita Ring Wristlet

Introducing a New "Sweet" Mini Pattern

Have you met the marvelous minimalist-inspired design yet? Say hello to Rita!

This dainty and unique design is a pattern from our Monthly Mini Series. For only $5 a month, receive easy patterns like Rita! Sign up right here! This pattern is the ideal bag to sport a sophisticated, classy look when you're on the run; petite enough that it doesn't weigh you down, but holds all of your important belongings! Comfortably dangle it on your wrist, or hold it by the round handle, and instantly tie together any look in style!

Available in 3 radiant Kits, choose your favorite; between a summery Lemon Stripe, Sweet Mint, or Navy Coral!

Get ready to sew this riveting ring-pattern that ought to be your fresh new favorite for the rest of the summer! Happy creating!

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