Merry & Bright Quick Clip Decor Tutorial

Merry & Bright Quick Clip Decor Tutorial

Sometimes you just need an easy project to get in the holiday mood. These sweet clips make fun decorations for packages, home decor, and of course, a holiday hairdo! They’re a perfect opportunity to use small pieces of cork and faux leather fabrics.



Apply tape or glue to the outer edge of the clip, ending the pieces of tape or glue even with the visible open slot at the narrowest end of the clip.



     You may find it helpful to cut narrow strips of tape to fit the smaller clips.

With Right Sides Up, position the widest fabric piece of fabric on the widest end of the clip. 


Add extra tape or glue as needed.


Secure additional layers to complete each design.


If using glue, add sewing clips to hold the decor shapes in place, just long enough for the glue to set.



Leave the sewing clips in place for the minimum amount of time needed. Several hours or overnight may cause an imprint in the fabric surface.

Make one in each size!


Have fun with color selections! A holiday tree can become a shooting star with just a color change; and transform delight dots into a smiling snowman. 

 Add festive sparkle with accents of sequins, crystals, glittery paints or markers!

We hope you’re inspired to create something special for your Merry & Bright holiday!

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