Merry & Bright Card Caddy Tutorial

Merry & Bright Card Caddy Tutorial

You never leave home without your phone; with a Card Caddy attached to your phone, you’ll never leave home without your most important cards. Use both pockets for id cards, credit/debit or store cards.


  1. Position each Card Caddy pattern piece on the Wrong Side of fabric. Trace around each pattern piece using a removable marking pen or chalk (a). Cut out each piece, following the marked lines (b). Or, use a cutting machine and svg files. 


  1. Topstitch the top edges of the Front and Back Pieces A, including the top curved corners. Also topstitched shaped top edge of Pocket Piece B. Position the Front and Back pieces, Wrong Sides Together, aligning raw edges and top edges matching. Hold the layers together with sewing clips.  


  1. With Right Sides Up, add the Pocket to the Front, aligning side and bottom edges. Hold in place, repositioning the sewing clips. Topstitch sides and bottom edges through all layers, beginning and ending at the previous topstitching on Front, securing the Pocket. 


  1. Apply tape or permanent glue to the back of the Card Caddy and attach to the phone case. 

The card caddy may adhere better to a low-profile texture or a smooth surface. A rugged or high-profile texture can reduce the surface area for adhesion.

For a thoughtful gift, tuck cash into the main pocket and a gift card into the front pocket. Make several, personalizing each with choices of colors and prints, even add embroidery, perhaps a monogram!


We hope you love this new free pattern idea! If you decide to make one be sure to tag us @sallietomatopatterns on Instagram & @sallietomatooffical on Facebook! Happy Sewing! :) 

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