Merry & Bright Candle Wrap Tutorial

Merry & Bright Candle Wrap Tutorial

Have fun with smaller pieces of cork or faux leather and empty jars! This no-sew project is perfect to kick-off your holiday making. Add a candle and see your designs glow! Or use the festive jars to hold seasonal greenery or treats. 


Measure your jar to ensure that the wrap will fit well. Measure the circumference, including extra for an overlap (a). Also measure the desired finished height (b). Feel free to reshape the Main Fabric rectangle, as needed.  If your Main Fabric rectangle is smaller than the Punch Pattern (included in the Free Pattern Download), use a portion of the punch design, trim the paper Punch Pattern to fit, if desired (c).

Center and tape (washi tape) the Punch Pattern on the Wrong Side of the Main Fabric Wrap (a). Or use temporary adhesive spray (KK2000), spray the Wrong Side of Punch Pattern (b) and center the pattern on the Wrong Side of the Main Fabric Wrap. Gently press in place with your fingers. Add sewing clips, if needed (c). 

Cut or punch the design following the Punch Pattern, using the Mini Fabric Punch Set (a), Deluxe Rotary Punch (b), or Precision Cutting Tool (c). Or use a combination of all the tools to create an interesting variety.  

If you’re creating a smaller candle wrap, you can ‘customize’ the punch design by not punching all the holes in the pattern.

Optional: Spray the Wrong Side of the Wrap with adhesive spray.  

 Apply the Wrap to the outside of the jar, keeping the bottom edge of the Wrap even and overlapping the short ends. Secure the overlap with permanent glue or double-sided tape. 

Place a votive candle or holiday greenery and treats inside the jar and you have a handmade piece pf decor or a handmade gift for a loved one! We hope you enjoy this new festive pattern! Happy Sewing! 

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