All About Splash Fabrics!

All About Splash Fabrics!

We are so excited to be partnering with Tracy from Splash Fabrics for today's blog! Splash Fabrics is a great eco-friendly fabric that pairs perfectly with our Sallie Tomato patterns.

About Splash Fabrics!

Crafted from 100% cotton & coated with a non-toxic, water-based polyurethane, Splash Fabrics not only exudes quality but also prioritizes safety and sustainability. This fabric is as kind to the earth as it is to your family.
This material meets the Standard 100 by OKEO TEX. It’s waterproof, lightweight, durable and heat resistant, and it contains no PVC, BPA or lead phthalate. Pictured here are the Free Apron Patterns from! Pictured above is the Sallie Tomato Fifth Avenue Belt Bag

Meet Tracy, CEO of Splash Fabrics!

"I’m Tracy Krauter, founder of Splash Fabric, makers of extraordinary, laminated cotton fabric and sewn goods. Our line is for fellow makers: crafters, gardeners, cooks, sewists, kids, other mess makers. 

I won the Singer Sewing Contest in 6th grade with a double-knit pant suit! When I had kids, I made all their clothes, and birthed my first business. When I needed easy to clean fabric for the messes life and kids bring, I searched for laminated fabric. In 2016, not finding the prints I wanted to see, I dove off an entrepreneurial cliff, learned surface pattern design and created the only woman owned laminated cotton fabric company using our own prints. Today there are 28+ prints, and more in the works all the time.

As a former Park Ranger, I believe sustainability is essential, so our fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and biodegradable. Our eco-friendly, non-toxic “Not Your Grandma’s Oilcloth" is unique in the market. It's matte finish, 58” width and fresh designs are irresistible.

A mother of 3 boys, my goal is to save you (and me) from doing more laundry.

Don’t be afraid to sew with laminated cotton - it's easy to sew! Use a Denim sharp or Schmetz non-stick needle, a longer than normal stitch length (3-3.5), and a thicker thread for bags. No need for a Teflon foot, or other gizmos. It glides through the machine-like regular cotton. 

The best zippers and hardware for your bags? Sallie Tomato, of course! Try it, you’ll love it!"

Free Patterns from Splash Fabrics! 

Reversible Tub

Enjoy in the art of crafting with these effortless and versatile reversible tubs. These practical creations are designed to accommodate 4”-6” potted plants, keep your knitting neatly organized, or hold your bathroom essentials conveniently hanging from a hook. With their charming design and easy-to-follow instructions, making these tubs is a joyful experience for crafters of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this project promises a satisfying and rewarding endeavor.

Market Tote

Introducing the versatile Market Tote sewing pattern – the perfect project for beginners and seasoned crafters alike. This easy-to-follow pattern is ideal for creating a functional and stylish tote that you can take with you everywhere – whether it's to the store, the gym, or school. With ample space and sturdy construction, it's perfect for keeping your supplies organized and easily accessible while you're on the go.


Bonk Bag

Pictured here is the versatile "Bonk Bag" – the perfect companion for when you need to keep your hands free, whether you're exploring Disneyland, attending a concert, embarking on a journey, taking your furry friend for a walk, managing kids, or simply navigating through the hustle and bustle of everyday life! Designed with your convenience in mind, the "Bonk Bag" transforms seamlessly into various carrying options to suit your needs. Wear it as a shoulder bag, hip pack, waist pack, crossbody, or sling bag – the possibilities are endless!


Stand--Up Pouch

Organize whatever you need with the Stand-Up Pouch! The flat bottom and triangular design ensure that the Stand-Up Pouch sits upright on countertops, providing easy access to its contents. Its top zipper allows for effortless loading and secure containment of items. Additionally, the 1" ring on the side allows for easy attachment to hooks inside many larger bags. Versatile and practical, these Stand Up Pouches are perfect for a variety of uses, whether you're running errands around town, traveling, camping, organizing your knitting supplies, storing toiletries, or tidying up loose items around your home.



Embrace life's messy moments with our Splash Fabric aprons – your reliable companion for splattering, slopping, cooking, cleaning, gardening, painting, and enjoying every moment to the fullest. Designed with functionality in mind, these aprons feature spacious pockets that are perfect for storing clippers, gloves, seed packets, art supplies, and more. The generous ties allow for easy wrapping around your waist, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. create a matching one for your mini bestie with the Kids Apron Pattern


With a lovely drape & designs that are eye catching & elegant, you'll find endless possibilities for this fabric. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook using #sallietomatopatterns if you recreate any of these patterns or try out this stunning fabric! 


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