New Arrivals from Sallie Tomato!

New Arrivals from Sallie Tomato!

As we step into the fresh canvas of a new year, our needles are poised, and our creativity is primed for an exciting journey ahead. January brings with it a flurry of inspiration and possibilities, and we're thrilled to kickstart this year's sewing adventures with you! We have new fabric, tutorials, kits and more for you this month! ❄
Be sure to scroll down all the way before you click on anything, so you don't miss out! We hope you're looking forward to what's ahead for the rest of the month because we can't wait to share it with you! 
Layered Grunge & Rustic Marina
Embrace the chill in the air & the warmth of self-expression this month with our Layered Grunge Cork paired with Rustic Marina Cork. Go ahead and unleash your grunge – we can’t wait to see what you create!
Mean Girls Collection
As you all know we are big movie fans here at Sallie Tomato, so we took this opportunity to style & hack some of our bag patterns in the fashion of some of the key characters in the mean girl's movie! We have 5 new kits & video tutorials to help you with our new pattern hacks! Follow along with the tutorials and your pattern to incorporate these new pattern hacks!
Must-Have Needles for Bag Making!
The key to flawless stitching is the careful selection of the proper needle for your sewing machine. Sewing machine needles may look alike, but in fact they are quite different. Selecting the appropriate needle will allow for ease of sewing through fabrics, frustration-free! 
Ruth Stadium Bag
Elevate your event experience with the Ruth crossbody bag. Whether you’re heading to a concert or sporting event, this bag will keep your belongings secure. Make this pattern with faux leather, cork, clear vinyl & more! This bag has a roomy interior, contrasting accents, and optional features to suit your style!
We hope you have a month filled with creativity & a full bobbin! Follow us on our social media accounts for even more new arrivals and inspiration! Happy Sewing! 

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