Introducing New Fabrics: Moody Bloom for Moda

Introducing New Fabrics: Moody Bloom for Moda

We know, we know, it's the middle of winter but it's never too early to start planning those perfect summer projects and filling our wardrobes for when we can inevitably emerge from hibernation! Not sure about you, but we just can't help but smile when we look at this collection.

"Moody Bloom by Laura Muir of Create Joy Project evokes a feeling of wild abandon in its brightly colored blossoms, lush watercolor washes and textural brushstrokes. Originally painted in watercolor and acrylic paints, these fabrics will bring a moody gorgeousness to your next sewing project!" These fabrics truly look like a work of art. Check out their instagram @createjoyproject...Here are some of their beautiful shots. 

Some of these gorgeous fabrics are also available in Moody Bloom Mochi Linen a 70% cotton, 30% linen fabric which is perfect for bags, among other things!

We think all of the vibrancy of these prints lends itself to so much creativity and we cannot wait to see what you make with them! We love the all so much!

Shop the line here!


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