Inspired By Nature Series: September's Lauren Bag

Inspired By Nature Series: September's Lauren Bag

Timeless and unique is the perfect way to describe our newest pattern, Lauren - the tall-standing and elegant pattern for September's Inspired by Nature Bag! 

This September, we invite your to get lost in the desert and feel the gentle breezes of the golden brown sands tickle your feet, as the tumbleweeds roll across the land. Stare off into the distance and watch the blue sky change in color, and sun rays dance across the tall rolling mountains peaks. Enjoy these beautiful inspired by Nature Kits in our all-natural, earth-friendly Cork Fabrics; in Royal & Mocha! This "Inspired by Nature" Kit contains all of the materials you need to make the featured Lauren Bag. This brand new pattern is inspired by the classy and timeless 1950's movie star, Lauren Bacall.

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