Welcoming the November Inspired by Nature Bag, Casey!

Inspired by Nature Series: November's Casey Bag!

This pattern is a timeless treasure and a fan favorite that will never goes out of style! Say hello to the vintage travel duffle, Casey!  
This November, pack your Casey weekender bag, bundle up and head home for the Holidays! Breathe in the crisp, fresh air as the cool breeze tumbles the vivid tree's leaves that crunch under your feet. The wind howls, and the darkness rolls in, but the one thing that takes the chill away are these warm colors! Check out this inspiration photo: of course inspired by the naturally occurring change of the seasons, and all that comes with it! 
Brighten up these darker days, and instantly feel the warmth come over you! 
Sallie Tomato has three variants of Ruby Star's Heirloom Star Canvas in Gold, a subtle Lavender, or in the vibrant Orange in these autumn-inspired Kits! Don't they remind you of the changing leaves, Holiday pies, or Thanksgiving?
Whatever the occasion, bring Casey along with you on your next adventure: for a weekend away somewhere tranquil, or to your family Holiday celebrations, where this diverse pattern knows no bounds! 

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