Inspired by Nature Series: June's Hudson

Inspired by Nature Series: June's Hudson

"Unboxing" a pattern has never been so fun! Introducing June's Inspired by Nature Kit: Hudson! It doesn't get any “sweeter” than this!

When life gives you oranges...make the Hudson Bag! This June we welcome you to "squeeze" the day with this delightful pattern apart of the "Inspired by Nature" series. This Kit features bright and juicy oranges, growing abundantly amongst leaves in a citrus tree. We love the Orangerie Cotton by Caitlin Wallace-Rowland, and a durable Laminated Cotton by Splash Fabric! Plus, you can't go wrong with the unique look of the Rose Gold Hardware that brings out the "sweetness" of this fabric!

This versatile, all-around zippered bag was designed to hold whatever your heart desires. Make any ordinary day more pleasurable with the Hudson pattern! Use it as an insulated lunch bag or cooler, or as storage for your sewing items, fishing tackle, and more! This pattern has so many great features, ready for you to enjoy!

A full-length video tutorial for this pattern is available here on our YouTube Channel! Subscribe to our channel to never miss another video!


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