Inspired By Nature Series: February's Sachi

Inspired By Nature Series: February's Sachi

This February, we bring you the Sachi "Inspired by Nature" Kit, featuring bright botanicals to liven up this cold season! The warmth of these watercolor florals is sure to melt away any winter blues. 

Our February Kit features Moody Bloom Mochi Linen, designed by Create Joy Project. We paired it with our Beige Pebble Faux Leather, Turquoise Cork Fabric, and Rose Gold Hardware (each inspired by a beautiful, bright bouquet).

We've also created coordinating Mason and Lucky $2 Wallet Kits to make a matching set - including materials to make a matching face mask! All of these goodies, and more, are on sale! Shop the ENTIRE COLLECTION! The January Inspired by Nature Kits sold out within 48 hours, so be sure to grab your kits while you can! 

Free Video Tutorials

Be sure to check out our FREE VIDEO TUTORIALS!  A free full-length video tutorial on how to construct the Sachi Bag with debut later in February 2021! Jess will take you step-by-step so you can successfully create this stunning tote! Visit our YouTube Channel so you can subscribe to be notified of the release!

A free full-length video tutorial for the Lucky $2 Wallet is available here! A free full-length video tutorial on how to construct the Mason Bag is available on our our YouTube Channel.

Free Mask Tutorial

We've also included enough fabric to make a matching mask. Stay safe in style! We've rounded up our Top 10 favorite free mask tutorials into one convenient blog post! For our mask, we followed Version 1 from Oklaroots - but you'll have enough materials to make other versions if there's a different one you like!

Story Behind the Sachi Bag

ABOUT THE DESIGNER: The Sachi bag has been designed by the award-winning designer bag company, Meme Bete. They are known for their handmade, laid-back luxury bags, inspired by the islands and African fashion. This spacious tote can carry everything you need and more! It’s great as a weekend bag, work tote, or even a stylish diaper bag. Please check out their beautiful collection of bags and accessories that they have for retail at: Also, please take a moment to read about the designer, Taribba do Nascimento, and the story behind the Meme Bete brand! 

 Since the release of the original Sachi Bag, the reviews have been fantastic. This tote has a generous finished size of 13-1/2” wide, 14-1/2" high and 5” deep.

You can see finished Sachi Bags in our Facebook group. If you're not yet a part of the group, now is the perfect time to join. Share your work, ask questions, and check out what all of the awesome members in the Sallie Tomato group are creating!

Be sure to check out other fabrics in our Moody Bloom collection!

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