Inspired by Nature Series: August's Miranda Bag

Inspired by Nature Series: August's Miranda Bag

Chic and classic looks are coming back, and the new August Inspired by Nature Bag of the Month is no exception; welcoming the elegant Miranda!

Set your eyes to the starry, calm & peaceful night sky, and soak in all of the tranquility with the Wanderlust & Purl Fabrics! Feel the gentle breezes, and hear the whisper of the wind through the palms, and the birds quietly chirping. We love to bring unique and exuberant looks to life! Choose from three gorgeous fabric combinations; whatever vibe you're going for, you'll be sure to represent with this elegant beauty!

This pattern was designed by Reneé Kapitanski with Sallie Tomato! Inspiration for this bag comes from the fun-loving movie: "The Devil Wears Prada.” Reneé imagined Miranda Priestly would use this sleek, fashionable tote!

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