Gigi & Quilted Carrie

Gigi & Quilted Carrie

For this months' Time Warp Collection, step into the colorful time capsule of the 2010s, where pixels and passions collided in a symphony of innovation and transformation. It was a decade that danced to the rhythm of tweets and status updates, where the virtual realm grew as vivid as the tangible world. For this months' Time Warp Collection, we have brought to you two unique patterns! Scroll all the way down to see tutorials and learn more about the inspiration behind these creations!

Introducing Gigi!

This is a petite wrist bag that’s roomy enough to hold your phone and your most important essentials. Wear it crossbody with a chain or use just the handles! This beginner friendly pattern is inspired by the musical Gigi and the well-known fashion model, Gigi Hadid! Throw on a matching set and elevate it with this cute chain linked crossbody bag! 

Style Gigi for day or night! Wear it to the office with a neutral top & some trousers then dress it up with a skirt & sweater for a night out! This bag is perfect to hold your keys, cardholder, & phone without looking bulky! 

Introducing Quilted Carrie! 

Create your very own luxe baguette bag! Our Carrie pattern is the perfect size and shape to incorporate quilting. Use your Carrie pattern, along with Free Download Quilted Carrie Hack pattern, and the following adaptations to the Sewing Instructions.

This simple, yet chic bag can be styled in so many ways! Use it every day for errands or day to day events or keep it for special occasions! Weddings, parties, & other fun events will be the perfect place to display your new project! Pair with jeans and a tee to keep it casual or throw your pumps on & a bodycon dress to spice it up a bit! 

We hope you enjoyed reading about our newest patterns and are feeling inspired to create your own! Share your projects on social media & tag @sallietomatopatterns! Happy Sewing! :)


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