Free Video Series: Day 4 DIY Eye Mask + Bonus Tassel Earrings

Free Video Series: Day 4 DIY Eye Mask + Bonus Tassel Earrings

In the spirit of self care and better mental health, what better commitment is there than to develop healthy sleeping habits? I'm sure we all could use more, or better quality, sleep!

 Today's project tutorial features a customizable Eye Mask, which we thought would be a great accessory for getting better sleep. Get a better, deeper sleep and wake up refreshed when you wear this to bed!

 The design draws inspiration from one of my favorite classic movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's! We've also added a BONUS Tassel Earring Tutorial, so you can complete your iconic "Holly Golightly" sleep set. We have PRECUT kits available

 Choose to make your mask out of almost any fabric. I’ll share tips throughout the instructions for sewing sequins, faux fur, cork, adding optional machine embroidery, and attaching piping.

 These would be so cute in gift bags for your closest friends, bridesmaids, or family members! Pssst… Galentine's Day is just around the corner!  Make one for each of your friends to suit their personality. 

BONUS TUTORIAL! That's right, today we are offering a Free Bonus Tutorial showing you how to make the cutest Tassel Earrings! With all that improved rest thanks to your Eye Mask, you'll want to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. These would accompany the masks in a gift bag perfectly!

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