Free Online Class: The Townsend

Free Online Class: The Townsend

Learn How To Sew A Functional Travel Bag

Be sure to purchase the pattern before taking this class! The written instructions and pattern pieces for this class can be downloaded here  or you can purchase a paper pattern here. If you have any questions, we're here to help, so please just ask. Watch the lessons for this class in order, or just watch the section that you need help with. The full-length video tutorial is 1 hour 25 minutes.

Join Jess from Sallie Tomato in the Townsend Online Class! Townsend is a functional bag ideal for day trips and traveling! Used as a carry-on, gym bag, weekender, doll bag, retreat bag, or however you’d like! The structured train case bottom is perfect for bulky items you want to protect, and have easy access to. Here's a breakdown of the video:

  • Preparing Fabric (0:00)
  • Preparing Zipper Panel (5:10)
  • Preparing the Exterior Front & Back (18:44)
  • Optional Suitcase Strap (25:50)
  • Preparing Lining (28:03)
  • Assemble Top of Bag (32:45)
  • Assembling the Train Case Bottom (45:55)
  • Attaching the Train Case Bottom (52:06)
  • Finishing the Train Case Bottom (1:05:14)
  • Prepare Handles & Crossbody Strap (1:15:49 )

FEATURES: double slide zipper top closure, front slip pocket, suitcase strap, interior slip pocket, handles, structured train case bottom, and adjustable crossbody strap

FINISHED SIZE: 16" wide, 13" high, and 6" deep

RECOMMENDED FABRICS: For the best results, use quilt weight cotton, canvas, denim, or linen for the exterior and contrast. I recommend quilt weight cotton for the lining.

HARDWARE REQUIRED: All of the hardware required for this pattern is included in the Townsend Hardware Kit, or can be purchased individually. Get the kit hereLet’s get started! Please refer to pattern for the material and supply list! Faux Metal Zippers are available here.

Come Join the Fun! I’d love to see your completed project! So be sure to share your photos on social media! Share and see photos of this pattern in the Sallie Tomato Patterns & Hardware Group on Facebook! Click Here to Request to Join!

No part of this pattern or video may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Sallie Tomato. This video is meant for individual use only. Do not share this video or show to a group. Come Join the Fun & Get Inspired!





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