Entryway Makeover!

Entryway Makeover!

Refresh your space with an entryway makeover! An entryway makeover is a fantastic way to transform the first impression of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. It involves updating and refreshing the design, decor, and functionality of your entryway & Sallie Tomato is here to help you with yours!

The first step to refresh your space is brightening it up with some greenery! These can be real or fake depending on the level of maintenance you want to have for your pop of green space. Greenery will add color and texture, living up any space! 

Next grab a bench. You can leave the bench plain if that is how you like it, but we dressed it up with a Bench Pillow pattern! This design was inspired by one of Jess's favorite cushions on a stool at her home. We have a step-by-step video tutorial on our YouTube channel to show you how simple and customizable this bench pillow is. We used Canvas fabric, VELCRO, a Zipper, and a custom sized pillow insert to make this project. It adds the perfect detail to the bench!

We have the bench, we have the greenery, now we need some fabric baskets made from our durable cork fabric, which could be used to store shoes, pet accessories, or winter items like hats and gloves. For this project we used our Free! Custom Tray or Basket pattern!  

To finish off the space, we had to add a bag! This tote is our brand-new pattern named Kristin. It will be releasing next month so be sure to watch our social media pages for more info! The Kristin tote bag has a sleek silhouette and simple design that is beginner-friendly to make! This tote is spacious on the inside and a blank canvas on the outside, eager to feature embellishments or printed fabrics.

To see even more details on how we refreshed our entryway stay tuned for a new YouTube video coming soon! How will you refresh your space? Let us know in the comments below! We hope this inspired you to create something new! Happy stitching! :)


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