Emily in Paris Inspired Bags & Outfits

Emily in Paris Inspired Bags & Outfits

Clad in chic, colorful ensembles that effortlessly blend Parisian elegance with a touch of contemporary flair, Emily captures the essence of French fashion with an endearing audacity. Her wardrobe seems like a curated gallery of couture, boasting outfits that artfully balance classic sophistication and avant-garde sensibility, leaving a trail of fashion admirers in her wake. We are so excited for the new season of Emily in Paris later this year that we thought it would be fun to show you what Sallie Tomato patterns we think would be perfect for some of the main characters!


If you find yourself relating and gravitating toward Emily with her fierce personality & bold sense of style, here are our pick of the perfect bags for you! First up we have the Sachi! This spacious tote can carry everything you need and more! It’s great as a weekend bag, work tote, or even a stylish diaper bag. Pair this with a bright dress on a hot summer day for open air dining with friends or lunch with coworkers. 

Download the Sachi Bag Pattern here!

Another bag we think Emily would love is the Sophie, the perfect size for a phone and some cards while scouting social media content in Paris! Going to a festival or sporting event? Travel light with our Sophie cell phone and card case pattern. By carrying your cell phone and ID/credit card with this convenient cell phone holder, you won't be weighed down by a traditional crossbody bag. Style this with your best basic dress, a fun jacket & some booties for a night on the town or a dinner date on at the Eiffel Tower! 

Download the Sophie Bag Pattern here!

The Monroe is our last pattern that we think captures Emily's fun & colorful style! Use the clutch to carry essentials, and instantly elevate any look. The convenient card case is perfect for keeping all of your cards in one place. Grab your best peacoat, a chic skirt & head to the office with your confidence at an all-time high in your stylish fit! 

Download the Monroe Bag Pattern here!


If your style is European-inspired with an old money chic like Camille, we have the pattern for you! The Dovima Bag is a nod to the classics with that modern flare! This timeless silhouette screams Paris! It is sleek and classy just like Camille! Grab your favorite trousers, loafers and blazer to walk the morning market on the square in style!  

Download the Dovima Bag Pattern here!


If you find yourself relating to Mindy's sense of personal style, then the Carrie pattern is your go-to bag! It's fun and flirty while still being spacious & sensible! The design details of the Carrie bag, offer a luxury look. This glamorous baguette bag can be carried over the shoulder, or crossbody by attaching a chain strap. Grab your sun hat, summer shorts and a bright top to pair with this vivacious bag! 

Download the Carrie Bag Pattern here!


Our Daphne pattern screams Sylvie! It has a classic, sophisticated silhouette with an edgy flair! The unique shape of this bag makes it appear to be a designer handbag without the price! Imagine a late-night stroll on the Paris cobblestone ways in your favorite, most comfortable trousers, some cute booties and a stylish jacket with this bag over your shoulder! You'll love the Daphne bag's romantic silhouette with the perfect level of convenience! 

Download the Daphne Pattern here!

Which character are you feeling the most alike with? Let us know in the comments below! We are excited to see what you are inspired to create after reading this! Happy sewing! :) 



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  • Sue

    Love the colors in Sachi!

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