FREE Easy Lanyard Pattern | Display Your Favorite Pins & Buttons!

FREE Easy Lanyard Pattern | Display Your Favorite Pins & Buttons!

Hey there, sewing friends!
We've got another amazing, FREE pattern that you can make in little to no time at all - the Easy Lanyard Pattern, designed by Kate B. here at Sallie Tomato! 
This pattern is a great beginner-friendly pattern you can make in just a few minutes, using fabrics like our high-quality Cotton Webbing & Cork Fabric! Lanyards are a very nifty accessory for travel or work. Keep your keys or i.d. badge easily accessible with the swivel hook!
We really like using the cotton webbing as the perfect side to showcase a collection of event pins and buttons.  wherever you go! Read the helpful Tomato Tip below:
When creating this pattern, we recommend that you position the lanyard to have your favorite collectible buttons or pins  puncture through the Cotton Webbing, as inserting them through the Cork Fabric may leave marks or holes.
Alright, let's get to the construction of the Lanyard Pattern, shall we?!



FINISHED SIZE: 1" wide by 22-1/2" long

FEATURES: Reversible, fast & easy neck lanyard


Main Fabric: Cork, Faux Leather, or other fabric that doesn’t fray

Webbing: Woven Cotton or Nylon


Main Fabric - lanyard, 25" wide - 2"

Webbing - 1" wide, 45" length

Hardware - 1" Swivel Hook, STS139x - available in nickel (S), gold (G), antique (A), gunmetal (B), and rose gold (C)

Helpful Notions: 40 wt. Polyester Thread, Clover Wonder Clips, Basting Tape or Glue, Teflon or Zipper Foot


Measure and cut the following pieces listed below.

Main Fabric: Cut (2) 1" by 25" pieces for Piece A (Strap)

Webbing: Cut (1) 45" length for Piece B (Strap)

For a shorter lanyard, trim webbing to twice the desired length, (i.e., cut 36" for an 18" lanyard)  

1. Join Main Pieces A Strap by placing the short ends Right Sides Together, perpendicular to each other, overlapping the ends. Sew a diagonal seam from corner to corner. 

 2. Press seam open. Trim the excess seam allowance to 1/4" wide. Topstitch each side of the seam with 1/8" allowance.

3. With Piece A Wrong Side Up, place Webbing Piece B on top, aligning one short end and both long edges. Hold layers together with sewing clips, basting tape or glue. 

4. At the opposite end, cut Piece A 1-1/2" longer than Piece B. 

5. Topstitch all edges with 1/8" allowance, following the Piece A edges.

7. Fold Strap in half with Piece B, Right Side Up. Position one end 1/4" in from the end underneath.  Hold the end in place with sewing clips or basting tape. 

8. Thread a swivel hook over the extending end, then fold end to encase the hardware and shorter strap end. Hold with sewing clips.

9. Topstitch across strap, near hardware, pivot, then topstitch remaining edges, following previous topstitching. 


And, drumroll please for the finished result...


We hope you enjoyed this easy, step-by-step Blog post about how to create the Easy Lanyard Pattern! Click here to get more inspiration for how to display your favorite buttons and pins!

Have a sew wonderful day! 

-Maleea at Sallie Tomato

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