Display Your Collectible Pins! | Pennant, Lanyard & Love Banner

Display Your Collectible Pins! | Pennant, Lanyard & Love Banner

Whether you're always on the run, or are a major travel enthusiast: these two FREE patterns are for you! If you haven't met them yet, say hello to the Easy Lanyard & the Love Banner! 
If you love collecting special buttons or pins, these special patterns are just for you! You can find this adorable Pennant Pattern in Jessica's "Create with Cork Fabric" Book - a lovely craft book filled with all kinds of freebies & inspiration! 
For this great Pennant pattern, we recommend adding cut-out letters with our Faux Leather (many colors available) against any of the Eclectic Elements Fabrics by Tim Holtz to add an extra element of traveling fun! This fun pattern is a great conversation starter, and would look great in a living room or office!
As you may have seen, we also just released a FREE Easy Lanyard Pattern, perfect for adding your favorite collectibles 'round your neck while you're on the go! Keep your keys or i.d. badge easily accessible with the nifty swivel hook! This Lanyard is very beginner-friendly & takes only a few minutes to make. We recommend using fabrics like our high-quality Cotton Webbing & Cork Fabric for this one!
Jess is proudly sporting our Limited Edition Pins from the "Around the World" series - a small memento for you to keep as you "travel" around this great big world with us. By the way, a Limited Edition Pin is included with every "Around the World" Main Bag Kit of the Month, or you can buy them separately here!
 Last, but certainly not least is ANOTHER FREEBIE -the Love Banner Pattern! This Cork Fabric beauty made it's debut in February around Valentine's Day - but it doesn't have to be just for that! For the "love" of traveling, this is another fantastic place to store your favorite collectibles! Create custom traveling-themed cut-outs for this long, beautiful Banner pattern to make it your own! You can get all of the information, including the sewing instructions for this Love Banner here!

We hope we've given you some inspiration to proudly display your collectible items! These patterns come togehter in no time, and you'll be sure to smile every time you look at them. Which one of these is your favorite?

Share your completed projects in our Facebook Group or on Instagram, using #sallietomato to show off your beautiful creations.

Happy Sewing!

-Maleea at Sallie Tomato

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