As October arrives, the first breath of fall arrives as a gentle breeze, carrying with it a subtle crispness that awakens the senses. The leaves on the trees, once verdant and supple, begin to don their coats of red, orange, and gold, like a forest preparing for a grand masquerade. They start to whisper secrets to the wind, sharing stories of the summer's warmth and the impending chill of winter. Fall into this new season with our new Time Warp Collection addition, Daria

Daria is useful for work, school, or as an everyday tote! This pattern is spacious & chic! Build your confidence to explore new materials! This pattern is perfect for Sherpa & faux leather fabrics!

Our new Flourish Garden Cork is inspired by trending British textiles & interior design. Use it to make some cute fall pieces!
Our Time Warp Collection is on sale until October 31st! Use the code TIMEWARP for 10% off! Thank you for the continues support! Be sure to tag @sallietomatopatterns on Instagram & @sallietomatooffical on Facebook if you make anything from our Time Warp Collection! Happy Sewing :) 

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