Create Your Own Cork Fabric Design To Be Featured!

Create Your Own Cork Fabric Design To Be Featured!

It's such a blessing to be surrounded by our sewing friends from all around the world, who love and appreciate what we do, and what we have to offer. We wanted to take some time to praise you, and appreciate your creativity - get ready to let your imagination run wild, for the chance to have your unique designs featured on our Cork Fabric! 
Use your favorite colors, media, & shapes to make your designs personal to you, and the art you're representing. And remember: you don't have to be an artist to create something beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Believe in yourself, and create what you love! Chances are, someone else will love it too! 
As you may know, one of our most sought-after materials we use with many of our bag patterns is Cork Fabric! We have had the pleasure of using Corks of all different shades & textures, with bright, popping colors and intricate designs that emit certain feelings within us and give us the opportunity to customize bag patterns.
So where are we going with this? We want YOU to create YOUR OWN unique print or pattern that we will feature exclusively on Sallie Tomato Cork Fabric! The winner will receive the opportunity to receive a royalty for the fabric sold featuring their artwork! All artwork and any designs must be completely original. Go as bold or as simplistic as you like - remember, this is your chance to fully express your artistic abilities!
All art submissions are due by May 1st, 2022 and must be sent to Jessica's email address: jess @ by the due date. Any format is welcome, but please make sure your art is in a well-lit area, and accurate to the colors you used for optimal accuracy. All finalists will be notified, and voting will take place shortly after submissions are in! Spread the word & tell your friends! Create something wonderful, but most of all: have fun!

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